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Tuesday 7 February 2012

Historical places of Pakistan, Quetta

Historical Places of pakistan,Quetta
treasury and courts, Quetta 1930

Administrative building, Quetta 1900

Durbar hall and political Offices, Quetta 1900

The Gymkhana and race course, Quetta 1900 

kandahar gate, Quetta 1839

Quetta Fort and City, 1885

Quetta, 1839

St. Marry's Church, Quetta 1900

St. Marry's Church, Quetta in Winter, 1930

staff college quetta 1930 st john mills quetta 1900

The Approach to the Fortress of Quetta, 1839

The Club and Institute, Quetta, 1900.

The Roman Catholic Church, Quetta, 1900

The Sandeman Memorial Hall, Quetta, 1930