Thursday, 4 July 2013

How to earn money online without investment

When ever most people think of earning money online, they just can't do that really.
They just think about it. So, there is an easy way to earn money but its time consuming at its disadvantage but no investment is its merit. What you have to do is just make a blog on the Internet. 

How to make a blog? Then this question pops up in your mind. That's really not a big deal. For the very free blog you have to go to and sign in if you are already having google account otherwise you  would have to make a new account.

After making account and you are now logged into blogger. Then click join blogger and make a blog.
You have made a blog for example a blog for cars. Now you have to put the latest cars information and their pictures and wallpapers. Make a post every day and try to write text more and more and also upload pictures in the post. You have to post every day on your blog. By this you will start receiving traffic from different countries. Post more and more and get more and more traffic.

After that in order to earn from that blog you have to put google Adsense on your blog and as many clicks your blog adds get, you will earn more. Try to make posts that attract mostly European and American countries to get that traffic that gives higher cost per click.

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